Our Centre


About Clifton Street Children's Centre

We're a community run centre, offering childcare programs and integrated kindergarten. Our premises are council owned and located in a quiet area of Northcote surrounded by open and green spaces. At Clifton Street CC we provide children and families a warm, safe, caring and educational environment that supports children’s learning and development. We passionately believe in the importance of Early Childhood Education and advocate for the rights of children. 

We are dedicated to providing high quality care and education programs for children, which are accessible and affordable. These programs are sensitive to, and reflect the diverse and changing needs of the children, families and staff within the centre as well as the broader community and the early childhood field.

Our rooms have been named with the support of Aunty Gail from the Wurundjeri Tribe Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council. The names represent our connection to country and our great respect for the Wurundjeri Elders, past, present and future who are the true custodians of the land our centre is built on. The names are in the local Woi wurrung language and represent local native animals.

Our Philosophy

At Clifton Street CC we believe that every child has the right to be heard. As educators we have the responsibility to respond and support their growth and development. We strive to deliver a program that is inclusive and accessible to all children. We believe children thrive in an environment that encourages their individuality and fosters a sense of agency.

The Clifton Street CC team is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all children in their care. Decision-making is based on the holistic best interests of the child. Promoting a sense of identity, and belonging is integral to who we are. Professional development and further education supports the implementation of a creative and respectful program.

We are proud of our diverse, professional team who encourage strong, open relationships with families. Families are an integral part of our centre community and their contribution and collaboration is extremely valued. We believe it is essential to work in partnership with families for to know them is to understand their child. We believe it is important to engage with the local community as this not only raises the profile of our service, but fosters a sense of purpose and pride within the children and our team.

We hope that each child’s experience at Clifton Street CC will prepare them to be confident, enthusiastic lifelong learners with an appreciation of the world around them.

Our Programs

The centre offers four rooms, catering to children from 6 months old to the year before school. We also house a Maternal Health Centre. Both our indoor and outdoor learning and play spaces have been specifically designed for children and families. 

Our Early Childhood Education and Care programs are run by highly qualified and experienced educators in accordance with the National Quality Framework including the federal Early Yeas Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. Our rooms are allocated by children’s age and development.

Wimbi (Wallaby)
6 months – 2 years

Number of children: up to 12
Ratio of educators: 1:4

Walert (Possum)
2 – 3 years

Number of children: 15
Ratio of educators: 1:4

Darnum (Parrot)
integrated pre kinder
3 – 4 years

Number of children: 20
Ratio of educators: 1:11

Marrum (Kangaroo)
Integrated Kindergarten
4 years – year before attending school

Number of children: 29
Ratio of educators: 1:11
Kindergarten hours: 8am to 5pm