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Introducing the
Walert Room


Walert Room (Possum)

2 – 3 years
Number of children: 15
Number of educators: 5


The Basics – Supporting independance

Our Walert educators work together with families and children to create a program offering a wide range of experiences to support this vital time in children’s development. We offer a range of experiences and incursions that support children’s learning in language and literacy, socio-dramatic and imaginative play, numeracy (such as puzzles, construction), science (through cooking, sensory and experimental play), sustainability with our edible gardens, creative arts and movement and music. We have weekly incursion run by local artists and musicians. As our programs are child led they are ever changing based on children’s, families and educator’s ideas and interests. Educators foster children’s self-help skills and independence by supporting children with independent toileting and eating, looking after their belonging and making choices about their day.


Weather permitting children generally have the opportunity to choose between indoor and outdoor play which include numerous experiences supporting their learning and development in a range or areas such as wellbeing, physical development, social and emotional development, problem solving, sensory exploration, language, emergent literacy and numeracy, arts, crafts and music. We strongly believe in the benefits of explorative and messy play so please make sure to always bring spare clothes!